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In the most competitive, rapidly changing, complex and
technologically advanced global marketplace in human history


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The Business Professional’s Course
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The Business Professional’s Course is designed to help you earn and save enough money to live a good life for your entire life, including 25+ years of unemployment during your old age.

We focus on helping you think and act effectively, strategically and competitively enough to increase your income, build and mature your career, grow your business and spend more time with your family.

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The Mission-Focused Offers
Courses designed exclusively for

Our Mission-Focused Offers (MFOs) are designed to help executives, managers, salespeople and individual contributors think effectively, strategically and competitively enough to fulfill new and challenging business missions, as well as their personal financial ambitions, in the most rapidly changing, complex and competitive global marketplace in human history.

The MFOs are offered exclusively online and are an easy, low-cost way to have regional, national and global groups learn top 1% strategic knowledge that enables them to work together and design a steady stream of innovative, fresh, new offers, practices, narratives and strategies that produce superior value and competitive advantages immediately.

My business has grown over 3,000% to become a recognized leader in our market without taking any institutional investment. By Inc. magazine’s standards, we are one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the country. 97% of our customers renew each year. Employees love working in the business. Analysts have given the company awards, including one I’m particularly proud of for entrepreneurship. I’d never been a CEO before, and
I couldn’t have accomplished this without The Aji Network.
Dan H., CEO and President