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Weekly Tactics [ blog ]
1 Produce a “Chronic Crisis of Meaning” to Fulfill Your Ambitions
Posted on April 21, 2014
2 Design Existential, Tactical, Strategic and Ultimate Purposes to Make “Enough” Money
Posted on April 14, 2014
3 Offer “Conditions of Satisfaction” to Compete Successfully for Top 1 Percent Incomes
Posted on April 7, 2014
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The quality and caliber of the students is a testament to the value produced by The Aji Network. …I have never been in a group of people that is more serious and committed to taking care of their business and their future. The students come from all different industries, countries, and roles -- there are business owners, lawyers, salespeople, rocket scientists, consultants, etc. This diversity provides for a dynamic, interesting, and effective learning environment.
The Aji Network has continued to bring the overall cost for learning lower, increasing the return on my invested time, energy, money and opportunities. [Their] use of technology has increased my capacity and allowed me to continue learning while holding 2 full time executive roles and designing and introducing several new business offers as part of leading and running my own company.

The Aji Network’s education has helped me clearly differentiate my performance from those in my industry. If taking your performance to a higher level is important, regardless of where you are today, then The Aji Network is a powerful solution.

I have been a key participant in growing a number of enterprises and learned a body of distinctions that allow me to build businesses as my career… The Aji Network's educational offers clearly stand apart from all the rest.

As I have grown in my knowledge of business, I see more and more how important it is to continue to learn and develop myself as the world changes. Otherwise, I risk my skills becoming stale or irrelevant for the current needs in the marketplace… The Aji Network is where I go to study, work, and build my skills.